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The Silent Partner

Thursday December 21 at 7:00PM

One of the very first films produced under the Capital Cost Allowance plans, The Silent Partner is an unforgettable, gritty bank heist thriller. Going on to inspire other Christmas crime films like the Die Hard series The Silent Partner pairs Elliot Gould with a terrifying performance by Toronto native Christopher Plummer.

When a bank teller (Gould) outsmarts a viscous robber (Plummer) a horrifying game of cat and mouse begins. An outstanding score was contributed by acclaimed jazz musician Oscar Peterson, making it the only narrative film score of his career. Watch for a young John Candy in the bank scenes. Based on the novel Think of a Number by Anders Bolderson with a script by Chris Hanson (8 Mile, Hand That Rocks the Cradle) and directed by Vancouverite Daryl Duke, The Silent Partner was nominated for 6 Canadian Film Awards and won 3 including Best Picture and Best Director.

Dracula: Pages From A Virgin’s Diary

Thursday October 26 at 7:00PM

What more can said about the story of Dracula? Guy Maddin’s Dracula is visual feast featuring the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s adaptation of Dracula. This version of the perennially popular story stars Johnny W. Chang as the titular Count and shifts the focus of the story to xenophobia.

Full of the silent era flair that Maddin excels at, Dracula seems like a film forgotten by time. Commissioned by the CBC the film initially premiered on television and was later released theatrically to international acclaim.

“Quick-witted and dazzling…Imagine Murnau’s NOSFERATU
remade by Kenneth Anger, edited by Eisenstein on a cocaine binge, and produced for Masterpiece Theater.”
—Nathan Lee, New York Sun


Thursday August 31 at 7:00PM

The only rule at Exotica is no touching. At a strip club in Toronto men watch as Christina (Mia Kirshner) dances in her school uniform while the emcee (Elias Koteas) describes dark fantasies. Every other night Francis (Bruce Greenwood) buys a dance from her. Meanwhile a pet store owner and exotic bird smuggler (Don McKellar) who cruises for partners at the ballet gets a visit from Revenue Canada.

A haunting story about the nature of love and healing Exotica stands as one of Atom Egoyan’s most impressive films. Nominated for 25 awards including the Palme d’Or and winning 15 of those including: Best Alternative Adult Film AVN Award, FIPRESCI Prize Cannes, and 8 Genies.


Thursday April 27 at 7:00PM

A rarely screened gem of Quebec cinema, Cheech is a intersection in the lives of several depressed people experiencing the worst day of their lives. And every choice they make in their quest for happiness just makes things worse.

The film focuses on Ron(Patrice Robitaille) the clinically depressed owner of a small Montreal escort agency. He discovers his photo-book of escorts has been stolen. He suspects Cheech, the mysterious owner of a rival agency and sets out to find him. The twisting plot brings him in contact with handful of equally depressed characters, all seeking “serenity moments”.
Darkly comic, beautifully shot and with a great Montreal flavor, this is Quebec film at its quirky best.


Saturday February 11 at 7:00PM

Strange Canada explodes into The Metro Cinema with David Cronenberg’s first major hit: Scanners. A group of telepathic killers led by Darryl Revok (Michael Ironside in his first major role) are intent on world domination. A rogue “scanner” with the same formidable psychic powers stands up to their nefarious scheme and seeks to create a world where scanners and humans can coexist.

Starring renowned Canadian painter Stephen Lack, and featuring “mind-blowing” makeup effects by Dick Smith, Scanners helped pave the way for the modern Canadian horror film. Join us for this psychic thriller featuring one of the most rewound scenes in the history of home video.